Musix GNU+Linux 3.0 RC1 released!

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The development team of Musix GNU+Linux is proud to present version 3.0 Release Candidate 1 after 11 months of work since the last version 3.0 Beta, and after 4 years since the last stable version 2.0. The installable Live DVD/USB RC1 was released to get reports from users but it’s almost a final release. We updated more than 300 programs from Debian Wheezy, re-installed kde-full, Rakarrack, Jamin, Blender and various other programs for artistic creation. MusixControl works only in terminal. Icewm desktop, KDE and Lxde are tailored to activities (office, audio, MIDI, graphics, etc.) The Kernel 3.4.14-gnu-RT23 is 100% free as well as all software in Musix and operates in real time for audio and music apps.


Special mention to the developers Ariel Errera , Carlos Sanchiavedraz , Gilberto Borges , Daniel Vidal , Javier Llorente , Pablo Sastre , Pablo Lozano , Jose Vazquez Viader , Suso Comesaña , Mariano Ibaldi , Claudio Caldas , Martin Carr and Jacobo Najera (sorry if forget someone) to have accompanied the project during this 2013 even with wide swings and the low availability of free time.

Musix GNU+Linux 3.0 is based on Debian GNU/Linux 7.2 «Wheezy»

Some useful information:

User: user

Pass: live

* We recommend IceWM or KDE desktops.

* site is only an archive of past versions, our new site is


* If you are new to music/audio on GNU+Linux, we recommend opening any of the .starter demos in the folder /home/user/demos/starters/ (right click from the file browser, Open With -> musixstarter)

* We recommend UNetbootin to create a Live USB.

More info and downloads:

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Mailing list:

Known bugs:

There are some annoying bugs that dont prevent use Musix at its true potential, these are: KDE warning about the loss of avant-window-navigator, the demos do not work from the LXDE menu because musixstarter not find the file «~ /. jackdrc «, KDE doesnt launch a network manager (nm-applet) at the start by default but is installed on the system, sudo does not work for graphic apps into Xorg (xhost +local:root), and some icons such as audacious2.desktop are ‘broken’: all these bugs were easily corrected for the next RC2 version that will be published soon. We hope you can find some more bugs and report, thanks.


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Musix GNU+Linux 3.0 RC1 liberado!

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El equipo de desarrollo de Musix GNU+Linux está orgulloso de presentar la versión 3.0 Release Candidate 1 luego de 11 meses de trabajo desde la última versión 3.0 Beta, y luego de 4 años desde la última versión 2.0 estable. La versión Live DVD/USB RC1 instalable fue liberada para obtener reportes de usuarios, se actualizaron más de 300 apps, se re-instalaron kde-full, rakarrack, Jamin, blender y varios otros programas para creación artística. Musixcontrol funciona sólo en terminal. Los escritorios Icewm, Lxde y KDE están personalizados según actividades (oficina, audio, midi, gráficos, etc.) El kernel especial 3.4.14-gnu-rt23 es 100% libre al igual que todo el software en Musix y opera en tiempo real para aplicaciones de audio y música.


Merecen una mención especial los desarrolladores y colaboradores Ariel Errera, Carlos Sanchiavedraz, Gilberto Borges, Daniel Vidal, Javier Llorente, Pablo Sastre, Pablo Lozano…

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